This may not make sense to most people, but to many 13 year old boys and girls, it makes perfect sense. This is from a game called Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2. It shows how many kills and deaths you've gotten in all of the online games you've played.

Act 1
COD KD ratio.JPG

Let's say that I (the highlighted row - an Eddie Izzard reference) want my kill to death ratio to be 1.77. How can I get it up that high? How many games do I have to play to make it go up 0.01?

Act 2
Be careful with your calculations. I don't actually need 1.77 exactly for it to appear on the screen as 1.77. I need something greater than or equal to 1.765. The game rounds this number off to two decimal places. (A common use of inequalities in computer programming.)

Here are the stats for my next 14 games:

Act 3
Many, many, many games later, I finally get 1.77. This represents a total of 2128 games. Somewhere I have a picture showing the number of games when I started (back in act 1).