This is my attempt to build on the work of Dan Meyer, probably most well known for his TED presentation. You can also check out his blog and his 101 questions website to find similarly intriguing photos/videos. I also like Andrew Stadel's work which you can find here.

Click on the box to access each lesson.
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The following are tasks that I started, but I'm not crazy about them. Click at your own risk.

Who ate all of the Cheeto's? - ratios
I just want to buy a game. - rates
Buying Music on iTunes - inequalities
Counting Change - measurement, weight, proportional reasoning, currency
I'm Late! - velocity, distance
Giant Savings - percents
All Edges Brownie Pan - surface area
Note Frequencies - patterns
Visitors - charts, scaling
Chuck E Cheese's Games - probability
Glass Music - frequencies, graphing
Mechanical Pencils - measurement, proportional reasoning
I work out! - rates, graphing
Demetri Martin on YouTube - patterns
Morning's Here! - estimation, time
COD Kill-Death Ratio - ratios
Lego Towers - division
20 Floors - rates, graphing