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This is probably more for my own benefit than yours. Sorry. I like to keep track of different ideas I find on the interwebs and categorize them so I can quickly find them when I tackle each lesson. If this helps you too, great!

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estimation180 by Andrew Stadel

Building Stuff with My Son
Block Towers by Nathan Kraft
Lego Towers by Nathan Kraft
Stacked Cups by Nathan Kraft

Number Sense
Number Sense Boot Camp by cheesemonkey
Bucky the Badger by Dan Meyer
Nana's Chocolate Milk by Dan Meyer
Calendar Blocks by Adam Bevan
51 Days til Halloween? by Nathan Kraft
Snickers by Frank Noschese
Elevator by Luke Walsh
Couch Coins by Andrew Stadel
Put(t)ing Rational Numbers in Order by Bob Lochel
It Adds Up by Graham Fletcher
Factor Tree by NLVM

Distributive Property by Cathy Yenca

Integer Operations
Integer Addition by Pi Crust
Gang Violence and Integer Addition by Nathan Kraft
Good Day or Bad Day? by Nathan Kraft
Integer Multiplication by Fawn Nguyen (top of page)
Zero! Game by I Speak Math

Order of Operations
Calories In, Calories Out by Mathalicious
What Time is It? by Angie
Foxy Five by Fawn Nguyen
Order of Operations Bingo by Illuminations
Wild Cube Sums by Bob Lochel

Butter by Robert Kaplinsky
The 2/3 Rule by Nathan Kraft
In Search of the Perfect Man by Angie
Dividing Fractions by Fawn Nguyen

Ratios and Rates
Fast Clapper by Nathan Kraft
Movie Popcorn by Nathan Kraft
Measuring Mullets by Matt Vaudrey
Cost to Make Money in Newsweek (found by Ryan Buck)
Leaking Faucet by Dan Meyer
Sugar Packets by Dan Meyer
COD Kill-Death Ratio by Nathan Kraft
I just want to buy a game. by Nathan Kraft
Harry by Nathan Kraft
Hedge Trimmer by Andrew Stadel
Walking the Appalachian Trail by Yummy Math
Ditch Diggers by Dan Meyer
Finals Week by Dan Meyer
Golden Ratios in Logos by Calculus Humor
Sleep on It by Fawn Nguyen
Nana's Paint Mixup by Dan Meyer
Partial Products by Dan Meyer

Tuba Echo by Nathan Kraft
Speed Demons by Nathan Kraft
Speed of Light by Nathan Kraft
Running by Nathan Kraft
I'm Late by Nathan Kraft
Fly Me to the Moon by Timon Piccini
Superman Reverse the Earth's Spin (from Superman The Movie)
Ferrari Ride by Andrew Stadel
Usain Bolt by New York Times (courtesy of Heather Kohn) - could also be line of best fit lesson
Playing Catch Up by Dan Meyer
Football Speed by Ryan Buck
Turbo by Julie Reulbach

Water Vase by Andrew Stadel
Rubber Band Ball by Nathan Kraft
Counting Change by Nathan Kraft
Super Bear by Dan Meyer
Food Portion Sizes by Statler Hilton
Big Foot Conspiracy by Mathalicious
Usain Bolt (On Your Mark) by Mathalicious
iPhone dMensions by Mathalicious
Neptune by Dan Meyer
Golf Course by Fawn Nguyen
Tile Pile by Desmos

Cheap Chicken Sandwich by Nathan Kraft
Woody's Raise by Andrew Stadel

False Advertising by Nathan Kraft
iPad Usage by Andrew Stadel
Double Glasses by Dan Meyer
Fry's Bank Account by Dan Meyer
Giant Savings by Nathan Kraft
Good Tip/Bad Tip by Joe
100% Off? by Scott Keltner
Tyson vs LeBron by Mathalicious
Tip Jar by Mathalicious
Staples Back to School Savings by Katie

Scientific Notation
Text Messaging by Mathemagical Molly

Pound of Quarters by Nathan Kraft
Mechanical Pencils by Nathan Kraft
Glass Tiles by Marshall Thompson
Ton of Dollars by Chris Robinson
Converting Temperature by Dan Meyer
Converting Temperature by Kate Nowak
All Edges Brownie Pan by Geoff
Sugar by Katie
Wall Pictures by Andrew Stadel

Fun with a Sticky by Andrew Stadel
Bagel Spread by Dan Meyer
Penny Circle by Dan Meyer
Coffee Traveler by Dan Meyer
Pizza Doubler by Dan Meyer
Coin Carpet by Dan Meyer
Pencil Cup by Andrew Stadel
Paper Cuts by Andrew Stadel
Neapolitan Ice Cream by Nathan Kraft
Triangle Illusion by Mighty Optical Illusions
Bubble Wrap by Dan Meyer
Some More Grocery Store Math by Christopher Danielson
How to create chocolate out of nothing by Mariano Tomatis

Surface Area
File Cabinet by Andrew Stadel
Pop Box Design by Timon Piccini
Big Ice Cubes by Dr Drang

Volume of a Prism
American Flag, Volume of a Prism by Andrew Stadel
Cuts, Popcorn, and Clocks - by Fawn Nguyen
Water Tank by Dan Meyer
Fawn vs Nathan by Mary Bourassa

Volume of a Cylinder
Volume of a Cylinder - by Fawn Nguyen
Fish Tank by Nathan Kraft
Popcorn Picker by Dan Meyer
You Pour, I Choose by Dan Meyer
Coca-Cola Slim by Timon Piccini
Reese's Cups by Katie
Rice by John Scammell
Penny Wars by Yummy Math

Volume of a Sphere
Soccer Ball Inflation by Nathan Kraft
Water Sphere by Jean-Philippe Choiniere
Meatballs by Dan Meyer

Volume of a Truncated Cone
Movie Popcorn by Nathan Kraft

Circles, Area and Circumference
Going Round in Circles by Andrew Stadel
Area of a Circle by Fawn Nguyen
Rolling Tires by Andrew Stadel
Rolling Glasses by Dan Meyer
Car Caravan by Dan Meyer
Kung Fu Students in China by David Lippman
Domino Spiral by Timon Piccini
Who Ate My Cake? by Brian Marks
Sinkhole by Katie
Car Chase by Ryan Brown
Elmo Travels by Andrew Stadel
Split Time by Dan Meyer
Perfect Circle by Mike
Water Bottle Wager by Andrew Stadel

Complementary and Supplementary by Nathan Kraft

Dissecting Polygons - by Fawn Nguyen - Reconstructing Shapes
n-gons by Andrew Alexander

Pythagorean Theorem
Taco Cart by Dan Meyer
TV Space by Timon Piccini
Costco TV by Megan Hayes-Golding
51 Foot Ladder by Mathalicious
26 Squares by Alex Overwijk and Mary Bourassa

Triangle of Toothpicks by Nathan Kraft
Fake Money by Andrew Stadel
Glass Music by Nathan Kraft
Note Frequencies by Nathan Kraft
Shrinking Dollar by Dan Meyer
Penny Pyramid by Dan Meyer
Canstruction by Yummy Math

Algebraic Expressions
Draw a Picture, You Idiot! by Nathan Kraft
Texting Algebraic Expressions by Nathan Kraft
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions by Julie Reulbach
Central Parkby Desmos

Solving Linear Equations
Seesaw Activity by Khan Academy
How Many Mints in Each Tube? by Don Steward

Griffy Counts by Christopher Danielson
I work out! by Nathan Kraft
20 Floors by Nathan Kraft
Speeding by Mathalicious
Papa John's by Mathalicious
iCost by Mathalicious
Using Microsoft Excel by Fawn Nguyen
Stacked Cups by Fawn Nguyen
Train Jousting by Derek Olson
Ant Extinction by Dan Meyer

Domain and Range by John Scammell
San Francisco House by Scott Farrar
Graphing Pictures by Bob Lochel - Algebra 2
Tricks for Remembering Slopes by Shireen D
Slope-Intercept Joke Worksheet - by Mr K
Graphing Graphic Organizer by I Speak Math
Steps and Slope by Fawn Nguyen
Slope-r Mario by Scott Keltner
Function Carnival by Desmos
Transformations Activity using Logos by Denis Sheeran

Scatter Plots, Lines of Best Fit, Correlation
Barbie Bungie by Fawn Nguyen
Barbie Bungie on Teaching Channel
Barbie Bungie (3 act video) by Timon Piccini
Height vs Age by Nico Rowinsky
Predicting Cranium Size by Julie Reulbach
Using Desmos for Scatter Plots by Nathan Kraft
Drive or Fly? by Tom Ward
Movie Correlation Activity by Bob Lochel

Systems of Equations
Warmsnugs Double Glazing by Fawn Nguyen
Veggie Juice by Andrew Carle
Basketball Shots by Andrew Stadel
Toilet by Robert Kaplinsky

Linear Inequalities
Sweet Snacks by Andrew Stadel
1/2 Your Age Plus 7 by Matt (at Math Goes Pop)
Lego Pieces and Feasible Region by Fawn Nguyen

Absolute Value Equations
Absolute Value Equations by Kate Nowak
Absolute Value Project by Heather Kohn

Exponential Functions
Falling Glow Sticks by Dan Meyer
7 Billion by Mathalicious

Negative Boy Cartoon by Shannon Muramoto
Basketball by Dan Meyer
Easier Way to Graph Quadratics by James Tanton
Penny Circle by Dan Meyer

Chain Rule
f(u) song, parody of "Forget You" by Ceelo by Sweeney Math (my kids won't get this)

Interpreting Graphs
How Much Bird Crap? by SmartCarUSA
Misleading Bar Graph on edudemic (found by Nathan Kraft)
Median Weekly Earnings by Yummy Math
Bad Drivers by Tim Cox
Box-and-Whisker Plot Generator by Alcula

Over and Under by Fawn Nguyen
Always, Sometimes, Never by Fawn Nguyen
Lemon Starbursts by Dan Meyer
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock by Nora Oswald
Monopoly by Nathan Kraft
Wheel of Fortune by Mathalicious
Rock, Paper, Scissors by Andrew Stadel
Shot at the Glory by John Berray
Powerball Simulator
Million Dollar Powerball by Yummy Math
Online Spinner by Math is Fun

Codebreaker by Ryan Brown
Permutation Lock by Erick Lee
Pimp My Feet by Mathalicious
Counting without Counting by Sam Shah
Spud-tacular Combinations by Chris Robinson

Baseball Averages by Car Talk (found by Christopher Danielson)

Teaching Strategies
Speed Dating by Kate Nowak
My Favorite No on The Teaching Channel

Risk by Angie?
Solve, Crumple, Toss by Kate Nowak
Grudge by Nathan Kraft
Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe by Math with Bad Drawings

Random Things I'm Going to Steal from Other Teachers
Bottle of Dreams by John Berray
The Wall of Champions by Daniel Schneider
Reminder Cards by Pam Wilson
Designing Buildings by Fawn Nguyen
Made an Error by John Berray
Classroom Design by Daniel Schneider
Peanut Butter Jelly by Max Ray
Plickers by Pam Wilson
Visible Random Groupings and Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces by Alex Overwijk
Favorite Number by Bob Lochel/Alex Bellos
Cheryl's Birthday Problem from a Singapore Olympiad Test
Warm-up File Cabinet by Jessica Bogie
Wild Maths