Lesson 3-2, Adding and Subtracting Decimals, page 64
Lesson 3-4, Multiplying Decimals, page 70
Lesson 3-5, Dividing Whole Numbers, page 74
Lesson 3-6, Dividing by a Whole Number, page 76
Lesson 3-7, Dividing Decimals, page 78
Lesson 5-5, Equivalent Fractions, page 132
Lesson 5-6, Fractions in Simplest Form, page 134
Lesson 6-3, Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers, page 148

Khan Academy:
Adding Decimals
Subtracting Decimals
Adding and Subtracting Decimals Word Problems
Multiplying Decimals
Dividing Decimals

Order of Operations

Lesson 2-3, Order of Operations, page 36

Khan Academy:
Order of Operations
Order of Operations 2

Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple

Lesson 5-1, Factors, Multiples, and Divisibility, page 120
Lesson 5-2, Prime Factorization, page 124
Lesson 5-3, Greatest Common Factor, page 126

Khan Academy:
Least Common Multiple
Greatest Common Factor
GCF and LCM Word Problems

Distributive Property

Lesson 2-4, The Distributive Property, page 40

Mean, Median, and Mode

Khan Academy:
Creating Dot Plots
Calculating the Mean
Calculating the Median
Calculating the Mean from Data Displays
Calculating the Median from Data Displays
Finding a Missing Value given the Mean

Integers and the Number Line, Coordinate Plane

Study Guide:

Lesson 1-6, Comparing and Ordering Decimals, page 22
Lesson 5-4, Understanding Fractions, page 128
Lesson 10-1, Understanding Integers, page 221
Lesson 10-2, Comparing and Ordering Integers, page 224
Lesson 10-3, Rational Numbers on a Number Line, page 226
Lesson 10-8, Absolute Value, page 242
Lesson 10-9, Graphing Points on a Coordinate Plane, page 246

Khan Academy:
Interpreting Negative Numbers
Unit Fractions on the Number Line
Fractions on the Number Line
Decimals on the Number Line
Decimals on the Number Line 2
Negative Numbers on the Number Line
Rational Numbers on the Number Line
Negative Numbers on the Number Line without Reference to Zero
Number Opposites
Ordering Negative Numbers
Ordering Rational Numbers
Comparing Positive and Negative Numbers on the Number Line
Writing Numerical Inequalities
Finding Absolute Values
Comparing Absolute Values
Interpreting Absolute Value
Graphing Points in the First Quadrant
Coordinate Plane Word Problems in the First Quadrant
Points on the Coordinate Plane
Drawing Polygons with Coordinates
Distance between Points on the Coordinate Plane


Study Guide:

Lesson 17-2, Area of Rectangles and Irregular Figures, page 430
Lesson 17-3, Area of Parallelograms and Triangles, page 434
Enrichment, Area of Trapezoids, page 437

Khan Academy:
Measuring Area with Unit Squares
Finding Area by Counting Unit Squares
Finding Area by Multiplying
Comparing Areas by Multiplying
Decompose Shapes to Find Area (Area of Compound Figures)
Area of Parallelogram
Area of Triangles
Area of a Trapezoid

Algebraic Expressions

Lesson 2-1, Using Variables to Write Expressions, page 32
Lesson 2-6, Evaluating Expressions, page 46

Solving Equations

Lesson 4-1, Properties of Equality, page 96
Lesson 4-2, Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations, page 98
Lesson 4-4, Solving Multiplication and Division Equations, page 106



Khan Academy:
Creating Histograms
Reading Histograms

Box-and-Whisker Plots

Khan Academy:
Calculating the Interquartile Range

Mean Absolute Deviation and Range

Ratios, Rates, and Proportional Reasoning

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Lesson 6-2, Fractions and Decimals, page 146
Lesson 6-4, Decimal Forms of Fractions and Mixed Numbers, page 150

Dividing Fractions

Khan Academy:
Dividing Fractions
Dividing Fractions Word Problems

Surface Area and Volume, Nets

Khan Academy:
Volume with Unit Cubes
Volume Formula Intuition
Comparing Volume with Unit Cubes
Volume of a Rectangular Prism
Volume with Fractions
Volume with Unit Cubes
Volume Word Problems with Fractions and Decimals
Nets of 3D Figures
Surface Area using Nets
Surface Area